Oh, so you thought stopping by the library to return your books would be as simple as placing them in the drop-box, you know… like how it happened at every library forever up to now? 

Sorry. The handle to THAT drop-box literally has a padlock on it. You have to use the one NEXT to it; the electronic slot with the big animated screen that takes 15x longer and wastes 1000% more energy. 

Oh, but you don’t want to wait in a line to drop off your books (you know, because the animated screen makes you wait 10 seconds between each book, and the three people ahead of you have between 1-6 books each)? Maybe you’ll just take the extra effort to walk inside and drop them off there?

Too bad. That’s not possible anymore. The librarians at the front desk now solely exist to either point you back outside or to help you with the glitchy “self check out” machines.

Ah, gotta fucking love progress!